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The LR Foundation was born from a deeply-held belief in the power of open source technology as a force for global equality and empowerment. Through its support for a growing portfolio of innovative open source projects, Founder Leo Radvinsky seeks to empower the organizations that are dedicated to expanding technological accessibility, nourishing the newest generation of developers, and fostering collaboration on a global scale. 

The LR Foundation employs a rigorous evaluation process to identify open source projects that sit at the intersection of technology and philanthropy in order to provide them with much-needed financial support. The LR Foundation is committed to the mission of promoting, developing, and advancing open source technology as a means of improving the efficiency and reliability of software development. 

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about open source


Open source technology refers to software with publicly available source code that anyone can contribute to or use, as opposed to proprietary software, which generally sees the codebase exclusively owned and controlled by one specific company or entity. 


Open source software development fosters global collaboration, allowing for more extensive and robust improvements to existing features, as well as encouraging the design of entirely new ones. This naturally communal process allows diverse collections of developers to contribute a wealth of unique talent to the creation of innovative software. Talent that might otherwise be overlooked or underutilized in traditional, proprietary software development. 


As open source software is free for users, it lowers the barriers to entry for developers of all skill levels, allowing beginners and experienced developers to incorporate the software into projects with minimal risk. This ease of access has stimulated the adoption of open source technology across a much wider market, which has led to open source being recognized as the ‘gold standard’ in its respective technological field.


Leonid Radvinsky Foundation

Leo Radvinsky is an accomplished company architect, angel investor, tech entrepreneur, philanthropist, and pioneer.


Radvinsky was introduced to technology at a young age and has spent the last two decades following his passion of building the next generation of internet applications and services. In the past few years, Radvinsky became interested in the open source movement due to its potential to vastly improve the efficiency and reliability of software development. To date, Radvinsky has spent over $3 million investing in open source software development with the conviction that open source technology plays a vital role in democratizing technology for developers of all levels. Radvinsky's support directly empowers the community that surrounds open source development.

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