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Learn more about how the LR Foundation’s donations have contributed to these innovative technology platforms.


“Leo and I interact and exchange ideas almost daily, which is something that helps me stay focused… Leo has also been a great influence in how I approach B4X. He is a visionary who understands the challenges that come along with building a large business and creating a large following. Leo is a true believer in open source and B4X would not be what it is today if it was not for Leo Radvinsky’s vision.”


Erel Uziel

CEO and Founder, Anytime Software

Ploerma logo, Leo Radvinsky

"A year into starting Pleroma, Leo contacted me about how interesting he found the project and wanted to help in contributing to it. Leo has helped us so much across the project with getting the platform more usable, financing necessary aspects, and hiring people to give us support. It has made the world of a difference to have Leo on board and to have someone supporting you so you can actually have some free time in the day.”



Founder, Pleroma

download (11).png

"Leo brought the team together. The web back-end team likely wouldn’t have had the vision to pull in mobile developers, whereas the mobile developers likely wouldn’t have had the vision to build a cool back end like this. Leo simply brought the whole picture together. When you take a step back and look at all these moving pieces, his overall vision is incredibly impressive. Adding funding to this project has also opened up huge opportunities, letting people put more hours into the project and experiment. Leo’s involvement has made things grow a lot faster without him getting in the way of the community, telling developers what to build out, etc. He’s really allowed the community to remain in charge of the project. He brought everyone together and stepped back, maintaining a proper balance that has been transformative for the project."


Barrett Breshears

Senior iOS Engineer, Fedi

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