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How Leonid Radvinsky Has Seen Open Source Technologies Grow During The Pandemic

Leonid Radvinsky knows the power of open source technology. As a venture capitalist and technology entrepreneur, Leo Radvinsky has invested in software such as B4X, an open source technology that supports easy cross-platform development. He also uses the open source software Elixir as the technology standard for his projects and strives to incorporate open source software into his projects whenever they provide additional value.

Before the pandemic, open source technology was already a powerful tool for achieving easier and faster software development. During the pandemic, however, the popularity of open source software skyrocketed at unprecedented rates. In difficult economic times, open source software offers tremendous value to companies and organizations by allowing them to create powerful technological solutions with drastically faster iteration rates.

Growth Of Open Source Software During The Pandemic

In March 2020, the creation of new open source projects on GitHub rapidly spiked. Since then, open source software has become increasingly popular, especially during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Huge technology companies have begun working with the open source community, and some have even begun to provide open source tools to the public. During the wake of the pandemic, companies and organizations of all sizes have been pursuing the use of open source technology to create innovative technology quickly and easily, at a fraction of the cost.

Because open source software is available for anyone to use for free, it is understandable that companies would turn to this technology in the face of an economic downturn. The use of open source software eliminates the fees associated with proprietary software and allows developers to focus on creating innovative products built on existing technology, rather than spending time and money replicating existing technology in-house.

Using open source software also allows companies to become less reliant on external vendors. When using proprietary software, companies depend on the provider of that software to continue maintaining and developing that software. With open source technologies, however, companies have access to the entire technology stack and don’t have to rely on the functionalities that the software provider decides to provide to them. Instead, they have access to the entire toolkit and the ability to easily extend the software as needed.

Open source software allows companies to leverage existing technology, a vitality during the economic downturn caused by COVID-19. A recent survey found that 68% of organizations had used open source technologies during the COVID-19 pandemic to save time and money. As more businesses go digital, it’s become increasingly important to innovate faster than ever. Through the use of open source software, businesses can expedite their transformation process at a fraction of the cost compared to relying on proprietary software.

Popularity Of Elixir

Elixir is a popular open source software that Leo Radvinsky uses as a technology standard in his projects. Elixir is a programming language designed to create decentralized architecture for web development. The language is built for resiliency so that it recovers from errors quickly with the intention of never crashing. Elixir provides easily scalable solutions for web development by providing infrastructure to manage data separately across multiple independent servers.

Each of these servers is responsible for its information rather than depending on a source of ground truth. Because of this structure, scaling up a system built on Elixir is as simple as adding more servers.

Leo Radvinsky envisions Elixir becoming one of the top languages for communication on the Internet. He uses Elixir as the technology standard for his projects and was even a Platinum sponsor for the Elixir Conference in 2019. Like any technology standard, Elixir requires a healthy community of developers to become the standard language for Internet communication. That future is already here, with numerous large companies incorporating Elixir into their projects.

Elixir Success Stories

Companies across a large number of industries are already using Elixir to enhance their communication protocols across the Internet. In particular, many companies have found that Elixir provides the invaluable ability to quickly and easily scale their operations. Companies have used Elixir to improve a variety of communication services, from implementing more robust chat systems to improving marketing automation.

Lonely Planet is a well-known company that redesigned its website to be built on Elixir. By transforming their website to use Elixir, they were able to create a more scalable website with improved performance. As a worldwide travel site, Lonely Planet receives millions of unique visitors each month. To provide consistent, robust performance to such a large number of visitors, Lonely Planet needed a scalable and reliable architecture. By converting their website to rely on Elixir, they were able to provide much higher performance with lower memory requirements.

Even PepsiCo has incorporated the use of Elixir in their day-to-day operations. PepsiCo uses Elixir for both marketing automation and supply chain optimization. Over time, Elixir has become their go-to technology for application development.

These success stories only highlight a small fraction of the companies that have used Elixir to improve their operations. A still incomprehensive list of other companies that use Elixir in their business includes Moz, Financial Times, Toyota Connected, Bleacher Reported, Square Enix, Aeternity, Sketch, and Moodle. If a company is on the Internet, chances are there is a way that Elixir can improve its operations.

About Leonid Radvinsky

Leonid Radvinsky is a technology entrepreneur and a venture-capitalist investor. He has been building software companies and advocating for open source software for the last 20 years. As an investor, Leo focuses on helping companies early in their development to achieve their full potential by providing not only funding but also networking and expertise.

Leo is an advocate for the power of open source technology and, as an investor behind B4X, helped shape the company to follow an open source model. He also uses open source technology like Elixir as the technology standard in his projects. He believes in the power of technology to create innovative solutions to today’s problems.

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