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Learn Why Leonid Radvinsky Is Excited About Open Source Software

Open source software is software that is distributed with its source code, thus allowing programmers to use, modify, and distribute the software as it best suits their needs. Since this makes it easy to copy as well as edit, it is typically associated with free programs and apps, or “freeware.” Because of this factor, it is rarely released by large companies. Instead, open source software is produced by people who get together for reasons like accessibility and education other than pure profit. They may want to create a new option as an alternative to what other tech businesses are offering, make software that is more accessible, or simply provide alternatives to the proprietary versions.

There is no doubt that there are benefits to open source software when a project comes together. The accessibility of the code makes it easy for programmers and developers to examine it and find flaws. Once flaws are discovered, a member of the project can quickly devise a fix and publish the update to the project’s distribution platforms. Even software that was made by projects that have gone defunct can be fixed since there is no restriction on who can do the work.

Other benefits to open source software include the ability to make changes to the software by users, and making it possible for fans to fully customize their versions. Open source software is also a good teaching aid as students have the ability to review the source code and experiment with new ideas.

Investors like Leonid Radvinsky have taken interest in supporting open source projects because of all of these aforementioned benefits, as well as the low (or nonexistent) cost of entry and the easy adaptability of their products. He continues to support several open source projects.

Currently, Leo Radvinsky is an evangelist of the Elixir programming language, itself the result of an open source project. Leo is a supporter as there is no cost of entry, people from all over the world can contribute, it is compatible with many other programming languages, and there is no cost of entry. This compatibility makes it so that it is useful for far more applications than would otherwise be possible. He hopes that one day, it will be used across multiple industries and be widely accessible. Currently, Elixir is most often used in the areas of web development and social media.

Leonid Radvinsky is also involved in the B4X project and has worked with B4X’s founder to shape the project’s vision. This project allows instructors to teach programming fundamentals and has been likened to being a modern version of Visual Basic. Despite being simple to learn, it is also capable of being used to create real-world solutions.

Similar to Elixir, B4X boasts cross-platform compatibility that saves developers massive amounts of time and effort. Only one source code needs to be written, which is then compiled into the format relevant to the specific project. This is often used to create apps that will run on both Android and iOS, as well as other popular operating systems.

Open source’s future is bright thanks to the practical usefulness of projects like these. With tech visionaries like Leo Radvinsky on board, open source is sure to grow in the years to come.


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